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Welcome to the Minnesota Food and Nutrition Innovation Institute (MFNII) open collaborative space! 


We appreciate your time and input on this emerging concept. MFNII only exists with the collaboration of many voices and we want to provide this space to hear yours.  Questions need to be answered before we can forward a beginning proposal to launch MFNII.  What you will find here is part survey and part open ideation space.  The survey portion helps us organize views in an objective fashion so that we can use it to prioritize some important building blocks of MFNII.  The open ideation questions are provided as an conversation space for you to muse, suggest, advocate, or provide your experience of issues we need to be sure we learn from. While there is no requirement to fill in every field in this collaboration space, we appreciate whatever level of comment and participation you choose to share. 


From this open collaboration process a summary report will be shared with everyone who participates and will be used to help bring forward a viable and sustainable proposal that gets MFNII on the path to launch.  


As stimulus to help you frame your comments, you will find at the bottom of this survey links to six peer universities that have launched food innovation centers for you to compare how others have pursued similar opportunities.


Again, thank you for your commitment to the University of Minnesota, the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, and the Department of Food Science and Nutrition.


To support innovation and create necessary infrastructure for food and nutrition industries infrastructure in the state of Minnesota through research, education, & outreach.


Gather stakeholder input, to develop the operational framework for the Innovation Institute. How do we move from concept to operation?

The Spark:

What role should the Department of Food Science and Nutrition play in the local, regional, national, and international food and nutrition innovation space?

The Concept:

A virtual hub and resource for innovation related activities that leverages the current research, pilot plant, sensory labs, and educational capabilities within the Department of Food Science and Nutrition capable of local, regional, national and international collaboration with private (both entrepreneurial and corporate) and public sector stakeholders to design and advance the knowledge and commercial utilization of food and nutrition science.


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